Day 12: Interfaith

Today is international Women's Day.  Here in Israel / Palestine we have seen celebrations, including school-aged young women in Hebron who were celebrating the day in dance, song and other arts.  Historically, groups of Palestinian and Israeli women here have been at the forefront of struggles for human rights and peace.  There are a variety of organizations with a long history of witness.  Bat Shalom is an organization of prominent Israeli and Palestinian women that "envisions a peace rooted in the needs, rights, values and histories of the Israeli and Palestinian people."   The Coalition of Women for Peace describes itself as "a feminist organization against the occupation of Palestine and for a just peace."

Check out these and other interfaith women's initiatives working for the rights of women and for peace and justice.  As one speaker we heard in our travels said, "Women are the canaries in the cave.  When women are suffering it is often a symptom of larger problems in a society."   It is when women organize that the vision and energy for change occurs.