Greetings from Bethlehem

Welcome to Israel

The weary travelers arrived at the Grand Hotel in Bethlehem at 7:00pm on Monday night, where Harry and Jan Attridge and John Lindner greeted us at the door. We have just finished a delicious dinner at the International Center of Bethlehem before collapsing into bed after our long flight.

On the approximately 90 minute ride from Ben Gurion Tel Aviv Airport, we were regaled with miscellaneous information that will be useful to us about currency, weather , agriculture, the roads leading to Jerusalem, and historical points of interest. It was rush hour during the ride and, although it cannot rival the Connecticut Turnpike, we did encounter our share of stopped cars and gaper delays! Although it was dusk when we set out from the airport and dark before long, our guide, Naim Khoury, provided a fascinating narrative, even in the dark. This is the introduction the travel participants were given to our guide early in our planning stages:

NaimNaim Khoury was born and attended school in Jerusalem. Later he traveled to Germany to study Archaeology
and History. Naim was licensed as a guide prior to the Six-Day War of 1967. He guided Pope Paul VI and together they planted an olive tree. He’s an excellent guide and has guided tour groups for Group Travel Directors for fifteen years.
Naim resides in East Jerusalem.

Harry, Jan, and John, our intrepid scouts, report that there was a snowstorm in Jerusalem, the first in four years! I suppose that if we could not have snow in New Haven this year, encountering it here will have to do!

- by Elaine Ellis Thomas

Harry and Jan
Harry and Jan Attridge