Following the news from the Middle East

One of our greatest challenges is following the news from Israel and Palestine as well as the larger Middle East. On many days, U.S. news sources do not even include some of the most critical stories from the region.  Here are some helpful daily news sources as well as some organizations that provide news links and analysis for following news from the region.  For several of these sources, you can sign up for daily emails, or you can easily follow on Facebook or Twitter or on an I-Google page.

Here are a few sources to get started:

1.  One of the best single sources is the English language version of a leading liberal Israeli daily newspaper:  It is a must read!   You can get it as an app,  read it on the website daily, or set it up for headlines on igoogle.  Worth reading every day!
2.  Here is a clipping source where people can sign up to get daily emails of the news clippings from a range of Middle East papers:
3.  Al Jazeera has excellent reporting available on the web:  
4.   The British paper The Guardian has a reputation for excellent Middle East coverage:  

Here are a few advocacy organizations that track news and/or offer news summaries:

1.  A Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) advocacy group, the Israel Palestine Mission Network,  offers helpful news feeds on Facebook, Twitter, etc.: 
2.     Americans for Peace Now posts news on their website  From this website you can sign up for News Nosh, a daily news summary brought to you directly from Israel, produced by Jerusalem-based journalist Orly Halpern.
3.     The American Task Force on Palestine posts news on its website,   From there, you can sign up for daily news and a roundup of news from the Middle East.
4.  Churches for Middle East Peace offers weekly updates and Action Alerts that focus on the Washington/ U.S. government aspects of the story.  Sign up on the website to receive email updates and Action Alerts.

More resources tomorrow; meanwhile, take some time to follow the news!